General Information
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Area: 1648195
Population: 70472846 (2005)
Capital: Tehran
Official Religion: Islam
Official Language: Farsi (Persian)
Money Unit: Rial

Land and Government:

Iran comprises a land area of over 1 . 6 million squar Km (the 17th country in the world by land area). It is located in south west of Asia and is one of the middle-east countries. Iran lies down the northern temperate zone, between latitudes 25 degree north and 39 degree 47′ north and between longitude 44 degree 02′ east and 63 degree 20′ east.
Iran is bounded by Turkmenistan , Caspian Sea , Azerbaijan, and Armenia on the North , Afghanistan and Pakistan on the East , Oman sea and persian gulf on the South , and Iraq and Turkey on the West . Totally Iran has a border of 8731 kms of which 2700 kms go for water borders and 6031 kms for land borders .
  • The highest point in Iran is Mount Damavand being 5610 metres high .
  • The longest river is the Karun river being 890 kilometres long (navigable river).
  • The largest lake is the Orumiyeh lake with an area of 4868 kilometres .
  • The largest island is Qeshm with an area of 1491 squar kilometres .
Iranian government system is Islamic republic and its national day is 22th Bahman (11th Feb). Tehran is the capital of Iran
Administrative divisions of Iran at the end of 2005
  • Number of Ostans (provinces): 30
  • Number of Shahrestans (sub – provinces): 324
  • Number of Bakhshes (counties) : 865
  • Number of cities : 982
  • Number of Dehestans (rural agglomerations): 2378